Welcome to the ICGA website: A welcome from the President.

This site, representing the ICGA community, aims to be a site of prime interest to computer-game enthusiasts across a wide spectrum of games. We hope you appreciate it and invite you to contribute to this site through the feedback channels, and consider joining the ICGA if you are not a member.

2020 ICGA Events — Important Date Information

Originally, the ICGA events — Computers and Games conference, Computer Olympiad, World Computer Chess Championships — were to be held in Spain this week. The pandemic caused the conference to move to the beginning of September and then move online. The ICGA has been working to find good solutions for hosting our events.

We hope to return to normal for our 2021 events, but for this year the following decisions have been made:

Conference: There will be no conference this year. For those of you who were hoping to publish in this year’s Computers and Games conference, please consider submitting to the ICGA Journal.

Computer Olympiad: This year’s Olympiad will be online. We will be using a platform built on Ludii. Ludii has been designed to support a wide variety of games, and we expect it will support all of the Olympiad games. The networked version of the software is being tested and we will do test tournaments this summer. The target is for an Olympiad in October. More details will be coming in July.
Thank you to the Ludii team for their hard work to make the Olympiad possible.

Computer Chess Championships: We are working towards having one or more chess events online later this year (November, possibly December).

An important strength of the ICGA community is that we get together once a year to exchange research ideas and test our programs. The person-to-person communication and connections that are made at these events are an important part of building and sustaining our community. I sincerely hope we will see each other in 2021.

Take care.

Jonathan Schaeffer
President, ICGA

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Events postponed

The European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) have moved their annual meeting from early June to August 29 to September 2. This is in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. ECAI will still be held in the beautiful town of Santiago de Compostela.
As ECAI is kindly hosting the ICGA events for 2020 (World Computer Chess Championship; Computer Olympiad; Computers and Games conference), we are also changing dates.
My sincere apologies for the challenges this will cause some of you. The move is in all our best interests. These are difficult days, and it is prudent to be cautious.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope to see you in Spain at the end of August.

ICGA President Jonathan Schaeffer

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Computers and Games 2020

The information about the Computers and Games 2020 conference can be found here: https://icga.org/?page_id=3086. Or in the many under Conferences.

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2020 ICGA Events

I am delighted to announce the 2020 ICGA events:

* World computer chess championships

* Computer games Olympiad

* Computer games conference

The ICGA events will be hosted by ECAI, the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The dates are June 7-12 in beautiful Santiago De Compostela in Spain (a UNESCO World Heritage site).
More details will be available in a few days on the ICGA web site.

Please consider entering a program, writing a paper, or being a spectator. Who can beat a smorgasbord of computer games activity, all part of a major artificial intelligence conference in a spectacular venue.

I hope you can join us in Spain!

ICGA President Jonathan Schaeffer

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A new Welcome by the new President

Jonathan Schaeffer, the new ICGA President has written a new Welcome to the website: Welcome.

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Updated Computer Olympiad Results

The Computer Olympiad results page has been updated with the results of the last day in Macau. If you find an error, please inform the webmaster.

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Komodo World Champion Computer Chess 2019

After 10 rounds WCCC Komodo is the winner of the title World Champion Computer Chess. It already had won the World Chess Software Championship earlier this week.

In the World Speed Computer Chess Championship Jonny won the title.

Congratulations to all winners.

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Photos from Macau

Photos from the Macau events can be found through the menu Chess Events -> Macau 2019 -> Photos, ordered per day.

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Computer Olympiad Results

The results of the Computer Olympiad can be found here: https://icga.org/?page_id=2908.

The results will be updated as soon as possible.

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World Computer Chess Championship 2019

The WCCC 2019 has started. See https://icga.org/?page_id=2857 for more information.

The live games can also be followed on Chess24: https://chess24.com/en/watch/live-tournaments/world-computer-chess-championship-2019/4/1/1

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