WCCC Play-offs

With all games ended, there will be play-offs for place 1-2 between Jonny and Komodo and for place 3 between Shredder and Chiron. First 2 games with 45 min. + 15 s time control will be played.

If those games are equal, we will decide how to go further.

There will be played play-offs. 

First set, two games with 45m+15s time control:

Komodo - Jonny    1/2     Jonny    - Komodo 1/2

Chiron - Shredder 1/2     Shredder - Chiron 1/2

Second set, two games with 20m+15s time control: 

Jonny  - Komodo   1/2     Komodo   - Jonny  1/2

Chiron - Shredder 0-1     Shredder - Chiron 1/2

Third set, two games with 10m+10s time control:

Jonny  - Komodo   1/2     Komodo   - Jonny  1-0 


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